Making a Donation to St John's
A Message to you from St John's during the COVID19 Lockdown.  

Make a donation using our QR CODE:  Make a donation using our QR CODE:  To use the QR code open your tablet or camera and hold the camera to the QR code (as though to take a picture).  A web page will open in your internet browser which will allow you to make a payment by card to St John's.  it is quick, safe, contactless, and easy to do.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.

  QR Code - Sum Up donations

Thank you to  those of you who have given regularly over the years.  We ask those of you who are not currently regular givers, to consider ways in which you can commit to giving to St John’s.  The time, talents and energy of individuals is so important for our church. At the same time, regular financial giving enables God’s ministry to grow our church family. 
There is much for which we can be grateful as we look forward to exciting and challenging times.

At St John’s we are privileged to serve both our congregation and our local community.  Alongside our regular worship we have a range of activities for all ages from children’s ministry, to music and the lunch club for the retired.  We are active in serving our local community and reaching out to those who need help or encouragement.
The general costs of our ministry are considerable. Planned giving is always helpful as it allows us to plan our work
Please review your giving to God’s work at St John’s. Giving is part of our Christian discipleship and is a response to God’s overwhelming generosity.
Here are some useful forms that you can download and return to Sandie Parfett at the Parish Office:

Renewal Pledge
Standing Order Form
Gift Aid Form

We also can take payment via credit or Debit Card.  If you would like to find out more contact the Parish Administrator Claire

Our Parish Giving and gift Aid is confidentially managed by Sandie Parfett on behalf of the PCC.  If you would like to contact Sandie please email or call the office on 0114 230 1199

Claire Webber, 30/04/2020